Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sisterly Love

I was 9 years old when I found out that my mom was having my little sister, Katie. Big dork that I was, I decided to run around the house screaming with my hands on my cheeks like Macaulay Culkin does in "Home Alone." I was beyond excited at the possibility of having a living baby doll to dress up, feed, and rock to sleep.

And Baby Katie did not disappoint. With her chubby cheeks, head full of dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes, she was as calm and sweet as a Cabbage Patch Kid.

She never went anywhere without her paci and her stuffed lion, Simba. We have this video of her singing "Twinkle, Twinkle," and when I try to butt in she quickly tells me to "SHHH!". Smart girl, that one.

When Katie was just a year and a half old, my mom gave me another adorable living baby doll in Erin - who was tiny, rambunctious, and full of life from her first minute on earth. Erin was a baby with energizer batteries; she was seriously dangerous in her rolling walker! She would zoom from room to room, laughing her head off as I'd chase her in exhaustion. Erin would also crack us up by pooching her lips so big that they'd touch her nose. Then she'd snort. She was already a stand up comic by the age of 1.

Of course being so much older than my sisters, I liked to pretend I was their mommy. When Erin was about four, I made her sit in my lap wearing a bib. I’d take applesauce and would smash it all over her face, using the spoon to smear it all around and then stuff it back in her mouth. She pretended like it was torture, but I knew that she secretly loved this little game. My sisters taught me that the people in your family are the most important people in the world because they will love you even when you smash applesauce on their face and call it a game.

Just this week, Katie and Erin came down to Greenville to have lunch with me at school. They brought me Chick-fil-A - my FAVORITE - and brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for everyone in the class. Seriously, how lucky am I?

These girls have brought endless laughter and light into my life. My little living baby dolls have grown up into high school barbie dolls. Both of them are smart, gorgeous, and have magnetic personalities. People love to be around them because they are kind and funny and interesting. They tell amazing stories and do hilarious impressions. Both of them make me so proud.

Now I know:
If I had to choose someone to be my sisters, I hope you NOSE I'd PICK y'all every time. :)


  1. This seriously made my whole entire week!! You are an amazing sister jills! I am soooo lucky!! ps: I did like the applesauce game...and when you would take katies life size barbie outfit and dress me up in it!!! haha! I love you! <3

  2. this makes my heart so happy, jills! even though my sister is only 2.5 years behind me, I feel the same way- bff and no one could come close to replacing her! Im sure your kiddos at school were enamored with Erin and Katie!!

  3. precious. i remember them as babies and am so happy that i get to see them become the beautiful young ladies that they are now. love all 3 of you grimsley girls!