Sunday, February 27, 2011

Red Lipstick, Red Carpet

When I waited tables during my college years, a girl affectionately nicknamed "Nazi Nikki" commanded me to always wear big earrings and bright lipstick. She told me it would guarantee me bigger tips. It makes me sound a little bit hooker-ish, but I'm telling you, Nazi Nikki was right. The nights I wore red lipstick to waitress I absolutely made more money!

When I wrote my post about our school's Big Show, I neglected to include the side story regarding one of my accessory choices.

No, it wasn't a necklace or a headband. Not a pair of brightly colored shoes with my mandated all-black ensemble. Because I had not showered that day, I decided that curling my hair and putting on some red lipstick would make me look a little more glam for my five minutes on stage.

Well, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the enthusiastic positive (and sometimes negative) responses of the students and even some parents to that red lipstick. Here's a quick recap of some of the comments I got last Tuesday:

"Ms. Grimsley! You don't look like yourself!"

"I think she look like a Barbie...kinda."

"You look so glamorous...just like Anne Hathaway!"

"I love that red lipstick! Wow!"

"Your face is scarin' me. You look like a vampire." (Gotta love kids' honesty!)

"Ms. Grimsley, You workin' the lipstick girl!"

"You looked fabulous last night at the Big Show with that RED lipstick and fancy hair-do!! I love it... you looked like a movie star!"

Well, as I sit here watching actors and actresses on the red carpet, I've been noticing myself criticizing so many of their wardrobe and accessory choices.

I think Reese Witherspoons' black dress with the white strip at the top was totally 90s looking. I think Amy Adams sparkly navy blue dress is frump-a-dump. Kirk Douglas's ears are HUUUUUUUGE! (I do realize ears are not an accessory, but his kind of could be counted as such!)

Anyway, being a 5th grade teacher is certainly not a red carpet job...and after my five minutes on stage, I'm glad it's not!

Now I know:
I'm thankful my normal wardrobe consists of khakis and a cardigan.

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