Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bell Tower Blues

Sometimes I get a little good-natured ribbing from some of my friends about how much Furman gear I have.

I mean, I do have a couple Furman sweatshirts, a pair of Furman sweatpants (I never REALLY wear them with the sweatshirts except for this pic, don't worry), a Furman hat, many, many Furman t-shirts, and a Furman lunchbox. Is that overkill? I think not.

That said, tonight I'm wearing my oversized navy blue Furman sweatshirt and am missing lots of things about my alma mater.

I have the Bell Tower Blues.

At the risk of looking like a washed-up co-ed desperately clinging to her college days, here is a list of things I miss about what I consider to be the best 4-year University anywhere. Maybe you Paladins can relate. I miss:

1. The view of the Bell Tower at sunset

2. Not having to go to a gym to run because a perfectly amazing park surrounded you. Doesn't get better than a run around the Furman lake.

3. Living with the three best friends a girl could ask for and spending every waking minute learning and laughing with them (Miss you Shannon, Amanda, and Lauren!!!!)4. Ubiquitous acronyms: DH, PAC, CLPs
5. Paladen Chicken Caesar wraps
6. A perfectly gorgeous library with fountain views to study in
7. Free movies with free popcorn
8. Free carnivals with free funnel cakes
9. Free concerts with free good sounds for my ears
10. Now that I think about it I'm still paying off 7-9 with interest...but they were free then ;)
11. Research papers - they were like a treasure hunt! (Yep, I'm a nerd)
12. Weeknights and weekends positively crowded with fun
13. My first semester freshman year, my first class was at noon. Those were the days.
14. Dancing to "It's Raining Men" at my Kappa Delta functions
15. The balconies on Lakeside housing
16. Intramurals
17. Walking everywhere I went
18. Turning things in to be graded - instead of having to constantly grade things myself
19. O-week - I want to go to My Tie again!!!!
20. Black Bean Cake Thursday
21. Writing for FUNet
22. Reading ridiculously dense articles and books outside in the sunshine
23. The feeling of complete and total freedom you get after finishing all of your exams
24. My little Mainstage performances
25. Hearing brilliant lectures from eloquent, passionate professors daily. They inspired me to be a critical thinker, a detailed writer, an engaging teacher.

Now I know:
Sweet memories last longer than student loan debt.


  1. I miss your mainstage too. I still sing "so long," and I hope you do too.

    Miss the caesar wraps too, duh. :)

    Also, when I previewed my comment, i was able to see how you have me in your gmail address book. Add to the list that I miss having 20 different nicknames.

  2. I miss my alma mater all the time!!!! I think your #12 sums it up for me - it was always fun, all the time, and all the people I loved the most were footsteps away. Life was simple.

    I haven't been back in a couple years... I think 2011 is the year to pay RPI a visit!!

  3. I miss college like crazy. I miss you too. I love your bloggity. I think it's cool we are both KDs. You are a nerd.

  4. OHHHH and I miss your Mainstage. Had to add that.

  5. this makes me want to go to furman even more....after all, I am your "mini me"! and dont forget about all the times your amazing baby sister, came down to stay with you on your rainbow zebra striped fouton...and then proceeded to wake you up at 7:30 so you could take me to the DH! :)

  6. Love this post! I totally agree with those, I miss those things too! And ravioli pillows, and getting ready for functions together, and riding in your car looking for cops, and fondue, and walking to class in heels and pins, and hearing boys play guitars by the lake, and getting nicknames from you, and hearing about your incredible dates and ranting about my horrible ones, and shopping and studying and cooking and walking together. AWW!

  7. Oh, and how could I forget: my therapist papasan!