Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Colored Glasses

Maybe I'm just seeing life through green colored glasses.

But this...this has been a good week. I might even call it a lucky week.

One of my darling, thoughtful, adorable students, Rhavon, brought me a bouquet of gorgeous flowers for no reason at all. Actually she said "It's because you're the greatest teacher in the world."

I got to witness my kids' amazing creativity while they created collages inspired by the work of Romare Bearden. These collages show all they know about the new technology of the 1920s, the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Migration, discrimination, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. Just wait til they finish. These are true masterpieces.

I did a "Just Dance" dance with one of my sweet girls to her singing Ke$ha's "Tic Toc" at recess. We laughed and laughed and started planning a big end of the year party for our class when we can hook up a Wii to the Promethean Board!

I laughed until I cried at a Science Fair folder that had "Thongs" (see # 10) on the list of needed materials. (Second place goes to "Stuffin' Junk" as the most hilariously inappropriate title).

I had a fantastic interview for the Upstate Writing Project's Summer Institute and am already planning what kinds of projects I'll create if I get in. Absolutely can't wait.

I got ALL my grading done. I mean ALL of it. That never happens.

I made my mom's marinara sauce and enjoyed dinner with of my most favorite friends, Dan and Mollye. What a wonderful respite from "dinner for one!"

I ran 7 miles and did a kickboxing class at the gym. Feeling so sore that I can hardly walk. I love this feeling. It's a feeling of accomplishment, of growth, of progress.

My lifelong bff Liza "LuLu" Morgan chose ME as her "Friday Face" for her blog - which is AMAZING. Check it out: http://yayalulu.blogspot.com/ She is an incredible writer and friend. I feel so happy and so honored to be chosen!

And now...the pièce de résistance....the weatherman's calling for snow. This is my lucky week. I'm seeing a 2 hour delay in my future.

All this, and it's only Wednesday!!!

Now I know:
Life isn't just good. It's a gift.


  1. 7 miles!!???!?!?!?!?!?! You are amazing. My personal record is 5, and that was 3 years ago... and I took a couple walking breaks in there.

    Great to hear you're having a good week!

  2. Haha no way girl!!! That was 7 miles in two 3.5 mile pieces! My personal longest is 6.2 and that was for Cooper River two years ago! Thank you for reading my blog and posting comments. Makes my week even better! :)

  3. WHATTTTT JILLLLLL youll be running a marathon by next WEEK! go girl!

  4. HAHA. when i posted the last comment, it made me write "dingypea" to be sure I'm not spam. FUNNY!

  5. Still loving your blog... also obsessed with your awesome childhood bff! ;) I love finding new blogs to follow!!