Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bead Project

When I was 7 I met my first best friend in Liza Morgan. Today is her 27th birthday, and it's only fitting that I pay tribute to Liza and to our 20 years of friendship!

Liza has heart like a radiator. She brings warmth to any conversation and has never met a stranger. She is a true friend to SO many people, and I have been lucky to always count her as one of my closest confidantes. Whenever we talk, she has this incredible way of making time and distance disappear. Liza's stories are hilarious, her encouragement is sincere, and her adventurous, gypsy spirit is an inspiration.

Well, Liza recently just got back from spending time in Uganda with Fount of Mercy, an organization that helps to empower the widows and orphans in this impoverished country. True to form, she made distance disappear by bringing the mission of the organization home with her. Just reading about her special project brings a huge smile to my heart.

Read about it here:

Liza, I am so proud of you and can't wait to see where this project takes you!

Now I know:
You couldn't pick a more fashionable way to show love than to buy some of these widows beads.

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  1. Thanks Jillian!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Happy 20 years. Here's to te next 60.