Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's here people!

Back to school time!

Parents are dancing down the driveway, kids are trudging down the hallway, and teachers like me are giddily waiting at the classroom doorway with hojillons of ideas to inspire and motivate 26 moldable little minds.

As a teacher of course I delight in learning new things. I also delight in teaching things because sometimes - if you're really, really lucky - you get to witness a child learning something new. And their whole face changes. It kind of lights up and their eyes are smiling and you know that their little brain is getting wrinklier by the second. It's fantastic. Thrilling. It's a feeling that you can't forget. It's what makes you keep going even when the thought of grading another paper or planning another lesson makes you want to gag.

So I saw this video today that totally inspired me. It's called LEARN*. I can't stop watching it. Not only because of the simply dashing dimples of the starring traveler boy, but also because of the beauty and simplicity and directness of the concept.

And you know, this video really made me think. It made me think about my job and the irony that I really learn so much more from my kids than they ever learn from me. I see their resilience and creativity and imagination and kindness - and I learn that they are the ones teaching me.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Now I know:
I'm not just ready to teach, I'm ready to LEARN.

*Shout out to Amanda Armstrong for sharing this vimeo series with me!

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