Monday, August 1, 2011

Bachelorette Blabberings

I only watched like 3 episodes the entire season because Ashley bugs the besneezus out of me, but I couldn't resist tuning in to see who'd she choose while I worked on writing lesson plans.

Man was this final episode a doozie. Those sneaky producers made us fall in love with JP, made us think that it wasn't JP, and then made us live through a painful, oh so painful breakup with Ben before the blissful proposal scene.

Here are my thoughts on the finale, in no particular order. Let me know if you agree with any of the following:

1) Ashley's hateful sister is a Kat Von D wannabe. Wouldn't be too surprised if they did a goth version of the Bachelorette and put her on there. (Shudder!) Also wouldn't be surprised if Jesse James picked her up since he and Kat are splitsies. Zing!

2) Ashley's pink dress rocked. Loved the glittery feathers at the bottom. Those producers really glammed her up this season. I also approve of her extinshiiiiins! She's never looked better.

3) Why in the world would Ashley and JP go running through the surf after the engagement? Was there really any need to ruin that fabulous dress??

4) Ashley's engagement ring sparkled my eyes out. Way to go JP! What. A. Dazzler.

5) "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" as the theme song for the recap of their relationship? Seriously?? That rivals "On the Wings of Love" on the cheesiness Richter scale.

6) "Ben! Ben come back! You're so interesting!" Seriously??

7) I like how ABC offers to send the couple on their honeymoon. I bet they do that knowing they'll rarely - if ever - have to pay up.

8) When they were talking about celebrating Hannukah, I told my mom I forgot JP was Jewish. Her response? "SHALOM BABY!" Agreed mom. Totally agreed.

9) They didn't announce the next Bachelor. I'm kind of surprised it wasn't Ben. Maybe it will be Brad Womack again. Heh. Third time's the charm right America?

Now I know:
Life after Bentley does exist, everyone!


  1. ohh how i love you and your writing rants.. all so true.

  2. UMMM I'M DYING. I didn't watch even 1 millisecond of The Bachelorette this season and I have no idea who this Ashley chick is or what she looks like or sounds like but I guess she's a dud. YOU, however are HILARIOUS and I could read your recaps of stupid TV all day long.

  3. Jills! It's me Mary Katharine and I literally agreed with you on every point! Haha I only watched the "The Men Tell All" episode, the final one and the "After the Final Rose" thing...I was freaking out when her sister was being all uughh and then they never showed the ring JP picked and when he was picking it out he was like "I don't even know if I want to propose" and when he got off the plane I saw the little black box in his hand and almost fainted! Haha I miss you and good luck with the upcoming school year! Love you!!