Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forget About Sliced Bread

What did the world do before Target?

Whether you say it so it rhymes with "car bet" or "bar day", it's the place of my dreams. Some of you may have seen the Veggie Tales episode where Larry the Cucumber visits "Stuff Mart" and the lights shine down from heaven each time someone says the name of the store.

That's exactly how I feel about Target. (Cue the angels' voices!)

I would really hate to do one of those budget thingys, because the pie chart would probably show an unholy amount of my monthly income going to Target. One of my brilliant friends (hope I don't blow your cover, girl) always talks about the "Target Loophole" in her and her husbands' budget. You know, so the answer to "Whoa!! Why did you spend $100 at Target?" is an easy "Oh honey, we needed toilet paper and some other necessities (with the silent "like a new tank top and fabulous wedges" under a silent asterisk below).

Speaking of fabulous wedges, I've been positively drooling over these sleek gold stunners. If you've been in Greenville for the past week I bet your toes have been positively itching to get out of those closed-toed shoes and into something that is this adorable. And even if they'd make you as tall as an Amazon, like they would for me, just imagine how great your legs would look in them! How many outfits they would match! How many compliments you'd get! All for just $29.99!

Somehow I've mustered up the willpower to walk past them two times in the last two weeks. (Impressive, I know).

Now I know:

I won't walk past these without buying them again.


  1. i don't wanna think about how long and model-like your legs will look in those shoes. i'm already jealous.

  2. I went to Target on my lunch break on Monday and I have no idea how I go to get a couple things... cotton pads, a card, new notebook and to just browse. Then after an hour walk out with a card, super cute notebook, pencils, hairdryer, new hair color, plates and matching napkins (because they were one sale) and STILL only spend $45!
    Crazy... this is why we have a problem. haha!

  3. Eric calls Target the $100 store because I am incapable of walking out of there having spent less than that amount!