Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday Part 1

I heart art.

Paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints. Bring it on.

But what do I love even more than all those things?

That's right. Art you can wear.

In a turn of unplanned events I ended up visiting a few galleries in downtown Greenville Friday night with my wingwoman Mollye.

She's been raving about this pottery class that she's been taking from a local potter and jewelry maker named Lily. I have always admired Lily's jewelry and positively drool every time I see her stuff at craft fairs around town. The design is impeccable and the colors are fabulous. Plus I think buying local made jewelry is just the responsible thing to do.

So on Friday night, we ended up popping by the lily pottery studio. I got a fabulous deal on this gorgeous purple ring. It has an incredibly cool wide silver band and cushion cut setting. The design on the clay is intricate, but the overall impression of the piece is simple. I adore it and will certainly be showing it off all summer.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for a friend, a Mother's Day present for your mom, or a just because gift for a special girl in your life - you totally need to check out lily's gallery in the Pendleton Arts district. You will not be disappointed.

In fact, I bet you'll end up picking up something for yourself, too.

Now I know:
Art doesn't just make you think. It also makes you look good.

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