Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Just Gotta Ignite the Light, and Let it Shine

Yesterday in my class we read about the kids of PS22 in Staton Island in our Time for Kids magazine. Just a few weeks ago, they sang at the end of the Oscars. My kids thought it was pretty cool that these fellow 5th graders got to go to Los Angeles to do that. I did too.

Then when I got home my roommate Maggie asked if I had seen this video of some kids from PS22 singing "Firework." She said it would cheer me up (I had a rough day yesterday). I thought it was fate since we had just read about them at school!

Well, as we watched, my smile got bigger, my heart got happier, and I knew I just had to share this video on my blog.

Now I know:
These 5th graders sing "Firework" better than Katy Perry. Hands down.


  1. So awesome. You know, this video reminds me of two different fantastic teachers that one of my daughters had who would play the guitar and sing their hearts out with their students. Those mini-concerts always brought joy to everyone's hearts and tears to my eyes. Love those Stone Academy teachers!

  2. But where are the sparks coming out of their boobs?

  3. Wow, LOVE IT! This video gave me goose bumps!