Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Preview of Summer

I hate the previews at the beginning of movies. I'd really prefer to walk into the theater just in time for the movie to start so I don't have to sit through them.

But oh, spring break. You are an enchanting preview of summer.

It's times like these that I stop feeling sorry for myself (because I vehemently contend that teachers are expected to cram 12 months of work into 10 and are paid for 10) and I start feeling sorry for my 9-5 friends (because they get no spring break at all).

This week has been positively blissful.

I am staying up late and sleeping in late. I am pretending that the homemade meals my mom has made have no calories at all. I am running outside for the sheer enjoyment of it, not because it is a part of a stressful, regimented exercise routine. I wear pajamas until it is absolutely necessary to change out of them. I watch stupid reruns on TLC - just because I can. I take time to call my friends on the phone and cannot wait to do more QT with friends and family this week.

I am currently sitting on my back porch in a two-piece, diet coke in hand, soaking up some rays. This is the life.

When I walk on the beach I like to pick up seashells and hold them in my hands.

This week I am picking up summer-esque moments and am holding them in my heart.

Now I know:
If spring break is a preview, I can't wait to see the whole movie.

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  1. You left out some things. Too often teachers are expected to cram an entire childhood's worth of etiquette instruction, common sense nurturing, and parental love into those 9 months, along with all the academic stuff. As for financial compensation, teachers should get hazardous duty pay, not just for the times they trip over their students' backpacks or have their scalps lacerated by confetti eggs, but also for all the times their hearts are broken by their students' home lives or their self-esteem is shredded by a parent without a clue. Thanks (again) for being a great teacher and making a difference in the lives of all your students.