Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Love

I had a dream about 9 months ago that my friend Allie was pregnant with a baby girl.

I immediately texted her and said, "ALLIE - ARE YOU PREGNANT?! I THINK YOU ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL. I DREAMED IT! IT WAS SO REAL!" She just responded something like, "Haha - you are so funny."

So of course - I knew I was right. :)

I have this kind of prophecy like gift for predicting the gender of my friends' unborn children. Seriously - I have a 100% accuracy rate. It's freaky. I've never missed.

Well, just a few days ago my dream-like vision became a reality when I got to hold precious baby Olivia at the hospital.

When I walked in the room I totally teared up, which is not unusual for me - I cry at movie previews that have Miley Cyrus singing - but when I saw Allie, glowing, radiant, smiling from ear to ear, holding her precious little swaddled up bundle of bliss, I could hardly keep it together.

This sweet newborn girl was sleeping so peacefully - even when I took her from Allie so I could hold her. They said she was a great sleeper already. I prophecy that this will continue well into her toddler years, and that Allie and Josh will have many, many sleep-filled nights.

Olivia also had a head full of dark hair and dark blue eyes that I think will turn brown. Her button nose and sweet little feet were Baby Gap perfect. I prophecy that her beauty will not only be outside, but inside too.

I bet she will have her mom's spunk. I bet that she will have her dad's determination. I bet when she learns to talk she will never stop. We will get along just fine. :)

I bet that she will be kind and caring, and will show others Jesus's love - because her parents are showing it to her already.

Now YOU know:
If I dream about you having a baby...you are probably next.


  1. this was so sweet. I teared up reading it... :)

  2. Please hold off on all baby dreams about me for awhile.

    but man oh man, she is SWEET. : )

  3. You look so natural holding that bundle of baby love! She IS baby gap perfect! :)

  4. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Oh! That was from BonBon! :)