Saturday, June 4, 2011

Song Saturday #11

The moment has come.

The moment teachers all over the good old US of A (or at least good old Greenville County Schools) have been waiting for.

Drum roll, please..............
It is officially the first day of summer vacation!!!!

(Yes, I'm doing that annoying thing where you whisper "aaaahhhh" in your hands to make it sound like the roar of a crowd).

Anyway, in light of this free, joyful, no papers-to-grade moment - my Saturday song choice was a total no-brainer!

My favorite lyric is: I'm so happy/like the first day of summer vacation/happy/wanna get some rest and relaxation/happy/like the choir on Sunday morning, sweet and true

But the kicker is, I'm not actually taking a vacation this summer. I'll be writing curriculum for Greenville County for two weeks, participating in the Upstate Writing Project for the month of June, presenting at the Upstate Technology Conference, and doing the SmartArts arts integration workshop the last week in July.

I know, I'm geeking out.


I'm still happy.


Happy, by Martin Sexton

You and I here all alone
Sunday morning here at home
The sky is blue as the coffee’s strong
It’s true
But then I open my eyes
To this dream realized
In front of me
Oh and I haven’t got a clue
What in the world is happening to me

I think I’m happy
Like the first day of summer vacation
Happy when I get some rest and relaxation
Happy like the choir on Sunday morning
Sweet and true

Oo sister when you cook that way
Sweet distraction rules the day
The kitchen table honey just might break
To the sound of you and I rockin our bodies

I don’t understand why I wasn’t your lover man
A hundred years ago
The fellas are gonna have to understand
And tip their hats to the man who scored

Hot damn I’m so happy
Like lovin you all night long
Happy and sleeping on our front lawn
Happy like hearing my favorite song on the radio

Take me to the bridge

Cuz I’ve been round this world a hundred times
And I never knew love could happen this way
I think of you so often and I know that you are
Thinking of me too
That makes me so happy

Happy like the first day of summer vacation
Happy apple pie and relaxation
Like peace all round the world we’re living on

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  1. i wish you could come visit me you geeky, smarty pants teacherface, you!