Monday, May 30, 2011

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I come from a family of all girls. Our world was one of hairbows. Barbies. Nail polish. Giggling. Slumber parties.

I've gotta confess - I don't know all that much about boy stuff. Like sports ("What's Death Valley?"/"Who's Dabo?" Sorry Bon!). Or bugs. Or light sabers.

But oh, when I held precious little Rivers Harvey McClain, who is most certainly all boy already, I was certain I could make some serious exceptions.

Would I sit for three hours to watch his Little League game? Absolutely.

Would I let him show me some creepy crawly from the backyard and ooooh and ahhhh over it? Without a doubt.

Would I do my best to play light sabers? Darn tootin.

Anything for this boy.

I am lucky to teach 5th grade on the same team with his beautiful mama, Mrs. Bonnie McClain. She is already the coolest mom ever! No stress. No constant freaking out about germs or rashes or exact feeding amounts. (I just maaaaay have overfed him by a few ounces...he is a growing boy! How was I supposed to just rip that bottle away?!)

Anyway, Bonnie was just as positive and cheerful as ever. Coolest Mom Award goes to you, hands down.

(And can I just say, I have some gorgeous friends? How does a woman look this good a day after delivering a baby?)

From about halfway through her pregnancy, we could tell that Rivers was gonna be a good little athlete. I could frequently feel him doing some high scoring gymnastics in his mom's tummy. When I held him tonight, I could feel him trying to kick and stretch through his swaddling blankets. He's a pistol, alright. Bon and Adam say they know they're in for a ride!

Now I know:
At first I couldn't wait for Rivers to get here. Now I just can't wait to go to one of his Little League games.

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  1. I LOVE this blog and I LOVE YOU!!!