Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Confession

This is a weird thing to say on Christmas Eve.

It really is. 

I hope you don't judge me for it and stop reading my blog that I just started back up. 

But the truth is...

I don't particularly like Christmas music. 

Now... If you're still reading this, allow me to explain myself. It may be because 99 percent of Christmas songs are stale and overplayed. It may be that the Charlie Brown Christmas song sounds like a dirge and gives me the heebie jeebies. It may be because no one actually feels "holly jolly" just because it's December...and have you ever actually seen anyone "rock" around the Christmas tree??

But there is one Christmas song that I absolutely love. I cant stop listening. 

The lyrics talk about Israel mourning in lonely exile. It talks about gloomy clouds of night. It talks about death's dark shadow. It talks about sad divisions and a need for peace. 

It makes me think about our country during the election this year. It makes me think of the massacre of innocent first graders in a Connecticut elementary school. It makes me think of the perpetual state of unrest in the Middle East. 

This song doesn't gloss over the troubles of this world with some tinsel and snowflakes. 

But it does say one hugely important word. Rejoice!

Rejoice, because Emmanuel will come to thee.

And, in the biggest present the world will ever receive - Jesus came!!

This is why I celebrate Christmas. Jesus came to earth as a baby, born to ransom us from our captivity to sin and our separation from God. But he didnt leave once His work was done. His spirit is still with us. 

In all of our struggles, our disappointments, our loss - Emmanuel. God is with us. 

In all of our hopes and successes and triumphs - God is with us. 

In every fear and every failure - God is with us. 

In every glittering good thing - God is with us. 

And that's something to rejoice about. 

Merry Christmas, y'all. 

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  1. I had no idea where you were going with this but you said it so beautifully and redirected me from all the unimportant things that I think makes Christmas important. Thank you for the gift of your words and reminding me to REJOICE.