Saturday, July 30, 2011

Car Crashes and Yoga

I know I've been gone awhile folks. Sorry about that.

In my defense (not that I should be defensive - I just practiced yoga for pete's sake!) I have done enough writing this summer to fill up a dozen trapper keepers. My poor pitiful brain just needed a break. Creating is hard work. Anyway, thanks to Miss Jennie Raff - who always tells me I have good ideas for blogs - I'm back. Thanks Jennie.

So this morning I'm laying on my cool new purple flowery yoga mat. I don't care what any of y'all think, yoga ain't for sissies. You've gotta be freaking flexible as Gumby and as strong as Hercules to hold some of those poses for more than 2 seconds. And believe me, they make you hold it a LOT longer than 2 seconds. I started doing yoga on occasion because it chills me out and makes me feel still. It is really nice to be quiet and still sometimes.

So anyway it's the end of class and we're all lying down in corpse pose. That's flat on your back, feet stretched out, palms upward. We're supposed to be relaxing, letting go of all stress and tension, focusing on nothing but our breath.

I'm doing pretty good, punching that nagging problem of what to put on my classroom bulletin board right in the face, when suddenly I hear a car driving down Stone Avenue zOOOOoooOOOoom by.

In my mind's eye I imagined an obnoxiously bright yellow Mustang with one of those stupid anti-muffler thingys that amplifies the wretched noise of grinding metal accelerating. Ick.

My weirdo brain immediately goes into overdrive.

I imagine that yellow Mustang crashing through the windows of the studio in slow motion, tires screeching, glass shards flying, horrified looks and screams coming from all the women in spandex lying around me. Isn't that terrible?!

And then I started kind of smiling because I heard somewhere that if you're ever in a car wreck you should be relaxed because if you are all tensed up it will cause more damage.

And then I had to repress a giggle because I thought it was dark but funny that we were all in corpse pose during this whole imagined scene.

I'm weird.

Not that any of you didn't know that already.

Now I know:
I'm okay at keeping my body still, but I need yoga for the brain.

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