Monday, January 31, 2011

Living In Green

You know, I had my first entry written before I ever came up with a name for my blog. It’s such a defining sense of self. It’s like trying to come up with an AIM screen name. (Any of you 25+ year old people hear me on that one?!) After being known as FutureDiva23 for years – true story— I happen to know that your middle school choice can really come back to haunt you.

So I titled this blog “living in green.” I did that because green is my favorite color – not because I’m part of some hip new eco-friendly movement. Green is the color of my mom's and my matching green eyes.
Green is Greenville, my very favorite city, the place where I live. Green was the color of my sorority jersey. Green is the color of spring grass that is softer than any carpet and smells a thousand times better. Green is the color of Granny Smith Apples. Green is the color of my camo hat that I wish I could wear every day. Green is the color of a Christmas tree sparkling with twinkle lights. Green is a green light, and anyone that's ridden with me in the car knows I love to GO! Green is the color that makes me the happiest. To me, green says, "Hey y'all! I'm alive! I'm new! I'm growing! I smell good!"

Kermit the Frog said, “It isn't easy being green,” but I think he just said that because he could never get Miss Piggy to commit.

I also chose this name because green symbolizes growth, and I’d like for this blog to be a part of my journey to grow – as a Christian, as a friend, as a writer, as a teacher, as a learner, as a reader, as a storyteller, as a musician, as a runner, as a creator of blog entries.

Now I know: I want to live my life in green.